A “Virtual Walk” at Westminster Abbey, Mission, British Columbia, Canada

Please join me on a “virtual walk” to the Lookout at Westminster Abbey, Mission, British Columbia, Canada. The short “virtual walk” YouTube video is attached below and is from late January 2021. Enjoy 🙂 Thank you for joining me!

A “virtual Walk” @ Burnaby Mountain Park & Kushiro Park

Good-evening/Good-day, Thank you for visiting… This afternoon I visted Burnaby Mountain Park & Kushiro Park (both located together on Burnaby Mountain, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada). Today was a beautiful West Coast winter day. My wife and I often visit this park together throughout the year. We enjoy our time there. Please join me for aContinue reading “A “virtual Walk” @ Burnaby Mountain Park & Kushiro Park”

a “virtual walk” around Como Lake Park

Good-day/Good-evening, Welcome, thanks for visiting my blog/website. Currently, as we all know, we are living through the COVID-19 Pandemic. Most everyone is social distancing when out in public and are wearing facemasks. Our time with Friends, Family, and those near to us has been reduced or limited… As a child, while visiting my Godmother andContinue reading “a “virtual walk” around Como Lake Park”