Contributor Guidelines

At May I Help Ministries (MIHM), we believe in giving you the opportunity to share your stories.  We are seeking long term writers and guest bloggers to help us grow.

The type of content we are looking for:

  • Personal stories of hardship and triumph
  • Detailed how-to articles that informs, educates and inspires people
  • Essays that are thought provoking

We prefer all articles to be between 700 and 1200 words in length, though we will publish shorter pieces.

For writers, we prefer that:

  • English is your first language (if English is not your first language, you have a strong command of written English)
  • You have at least one year of experience as a professional writer
  • You have strong research skills

What we will not publish:

  • Articles less than 500 words
  • Fiction
  • Articles that are poorly written (please make sure to proofread your content before you submit it)
  • Content that contains profanity, is written in a condescending or self-righteous tone
  • Content that belittles or degrades an individual, community or organization
  • Articles that are plagiarized.  Please include a Works Cited section at the bottom of your article.

Note: All content is meant to encourage, inspire and uplift people.  At the same time, we firmly believe that everyone should be educated and informed on the present state of our culture.  So, for that reason, we will not shy away from subject matter that is controversial.  For articles that cover sensitive topics, we strongly prefer you approach it from a neutral perspective.

We are unable to compensate right now.  We will share your article on our Facebook and Instagram page, but we ask that you also share it on all of your social media accounts.  The more people sharing, the bigger our audience will become.

Please send all submissions to

We look forward to reading your work.

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