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Quest Food Exchange: Redistributing Quality Surplus Food to Reduce Hunger with Dignity

The following information is a result of a Citizen networking with May I Help Ministries. Our Helping Citizen shared Quest Food Exchange’s web address. This was very helpful for us (so you or someone through you may now too may possibly benifit). If you (yes you) have any helpful resources to share: Please share them with us. Note: suggestions/brainstorming and general networking is greatly appreciated. Please use: May I Help Ministries CONTACT US Feature: Contact: May I Help Ministries. Ok… The following is a sample of Quest Food Exchange’s Website (as viewed on November 4th 2017). Enjoy! WEB-LINK HERE: QUEST FOOD EXCHANGE (Home…

Low and no-cost food in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Here is some information about low or no-cost food in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Click this link: Hopefully this may help. Please let me know if you are aware of and would like to share other helpful resources (both near and far). Thank-you.