Dear Mr. Crow

Dear Mr. Crow,

‘Older Aaron here. Admittedly, you and the ‘Others are Watchers… remain aware.

Mr. Crow, earlier today while showering the thought came to me to write you a letter. So, here I am trying to communicate to you and to the Council.

It has been so many years since I first took notice of you All taking notice of me. And to this day I have never stopped knowing that you and All the Birds of the Air are watching me: watching everything, everyone, All things: Me! Ever, on-guard, ready to report your findings.

Now my hope and prayers are that you are all reporting to the Greater Powers who work for the Light. Today, this is my belief. Nothing remains forever hidden. Not me, not them, not anything, nothing. Although, Wisdom is the hardest to find. It lives in Time together with Love. My hope and prayers are that All Creation will one day make their return to Loving Unity. True, Life is not a fairy tale! Accepting our lessons and truths of Powers Greater can be long and difficult. History is strange. The future stranger. Yet with the gifts of love… the future is limitless. Especially for our kind. After all, aren’t we all just birds? Birds with different feathers (so to say).

Again, Mr. Crow, you’ve always seen me. Seen us.

I do see you. Not always fully, clearly and with the wonderous awe of a young child. Still the same. I do see you. And I want to see you! Mr. Crow, you are both beautiful and wise.

Mr. Crow, yes, I admit, as that child and for many, many years more… I figured that you and the ‘Others report to the Anti-Christ through to Satan. This did scare me. Not any more though. Perhaps we may discuss this point further another time. Just, know that I am so sorry. Please keep in mind that I am a man-child. Heavy on the ‘child with oh so much to learn! Go figure, Life.

Over time Mr. Crow, I have learned to love you, to love the Council, and to love the High Council of the Ravens too. All Birds of the Air deserve such love. Today I respect you more. Mr. Crow, I admire your intelligence and God’s beauty that He has expressed in and through you.

Well Mr. Crow, here is my official request: Would you please consider taking my hand in friendship? As I sit here reflecting and digesting, writing these words I’ve just written I am left to realize that it actually goes without saying… You’ve always been there for me: watching, listening, waiting. In this present moment, I now know that you are my brother indeed. Thank you for your silence and for always watching, listening. Tonight, I hear you more. Oh, to be a crow! Wise, beautiful, and intelligent.

Let’s continue our conversation, our friendship. Looking forward: We will!

Mr. Crow, please convey my sincere thanks and best wishes to the Council.

See you, always.

Your Brother through Time,


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