Month: January 2021

A “Virtual Walk” at Westminster Abbey, Mission, British Columbia, Canada

Please join me on a “virtual walk” to the Lookout at Westminster Abbey, Mission, British Columbia, Canada. The short “virtual walk” YouTube video is attached below and is from late January 2021. Enjoy 🙂 Thank you for joining me!

A “virtual Walk” @ Burnaby Mountain Park & Kushiro Park

Good-evening/Good-day, Thank you for visiting… This afternoon I visted Burnaby Mountain Park & Kushiro Park (both located together on Burnaby Mountain, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada). Today was a beautiful West Coast winter day. My wife and I often visit this park together throughout the… Continue Reading “A “virtual Walk” @ Burnaby Mountain Park & Kushiro Park”

a “virtual walk” around Como Lake Park

Good-day/Good-evening, Welcome, thanks for visiting my blog/website. Currently, as we all know, we are living through the COVID-19 Pandemic. Most everyone is social distancing when out in public and are wearing facemasks. Our time with Friends, Family, and those near to us has been… Continue Reading “a “virtual walk” around Como Lake Park”