A Universe of Windows

A Universe of Windows

Good-Day/Evening to you,

It has been an interesting three days for me. Actually, an interesting time these past few weeks. Furthermore, an interesting three and a half years. My life has been interesting.

Importantly, your life has been and is interesting… I’m sure you must feel this way… yes/no?

It’s “Key” to remember: Everyone’s life has been and is interesting. Isn’t this cool!

Where are we going to go with this… (that’s a question for me). As I write this… I am listening to something new to me on YouTube. It is: 111Hz ✧ Cellular Healing ✧ The “Holy Frequency” on Mettaverse Music’s YouTube Channel. Note: I believe this is my first time listening to them… Thank you “Mettaverse Music” for sharing this with us/me. Beautiful!

This is really cool music. I think so. A Friend turned me on to it today: not this particular piece of music or the YouTube Channel above, but to the music in general. My Friend helped point me to searching for and finding it… Thanks to him too.

This type of music is called “Solfeggio Frequencies/music”. Wow! (wow, to me anyway). I mention this term in case you wish to google it or search for it yourself (on YouTube, iTunes etc.). It’s new to me. I’ll be learning more too. Hopefully you may enjoy it too.

The music reminds me of a “crystal bowls” music experience that I experienced thanks to another Friend some years ago… And thanks to her. That experience (back then) “was a trip” to say the least. “A Universe of Windows” appeared. Perhaps, I may explain this trip more sometime…

Really, there is not a lot to say… Other than to me, the experience was profound. My mind opened up or was open to the experience back then. I’m open to it now.

A Universe of Windows, that’s what there is. That’s what we have. We can open them up, look through or away from them, maybe try to ignore them (can we?). We can share or relate them with ‘others. Agree, yes/no? To me anyway, “they” are “there” just the same. Just as you are…

Again, this music brings me back fresh to that night with the crystal bowls several years ago. Although, I cannot say that I really left… or that “It” left me.

As the description to this (YouTube) track states: …Healing. It, is… In this moment, it is profound. Wow! I’d like to stay with this trip… Life, (and time) is like trying to grasp or hold on to air or water. It passes and we must enjoy the moment… That seemed like what I’m trying to understand… Time slips into the future. May we enjoy it in all its experiences. At least now.

The places that we can go… and we don’t have to leave to go there. Imagination. How cool is that!

I imagine that I can go on about how life is interesting… However, in this moment… it may not really matter. How important is it to share “now”? I’d rather listen to this music and the experience that comes with it…

Again, I’m enjoying the music. A Universe of Windows is opening up. One note, one moment at a time.

May you enjoy your Universe of Windows too 🙂

See you around! (looking forward to it).


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