First things First: Love One Another!

Good-day/evening Folks,

Recently, I’ve been reading some other blogs/websites and trying to participate in discussion. My hope is to build Authors up with honest, caring and supportive comments. In turn, ‘Others have been kind to me (Thank Good-ness).

As to my personal ministry: daily I endeavour to improve myself spiritually: to love God and ‘Others the best I can.

In doing so, I hope ‘Others and their personal Ministries will be built up (for the GOOD). I pray that my life will indeed be of service and value. I pray the same for each of you! You never know what God has in store for us! By the way… your life is of value.

Over time, I likely will share more of myself and why this “calling” is so important to me. Note: I too have my demons. However, sometimes ones struggles and pain can be a gift (if used).

It’s my hope that in reaching out and communicating with you… that we will network together, that we will help Our Communities and the world in which we live: that we will use our “gifts”. In doing so, we will serve the Higher Good.

Note: The quote that I think I was trying to remember in the video was: “Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from making bad decisions.” ~Mark Twain

Life is not always easy. We all fumble and stumble… Rest if you must… Get up and don’t give up! We each do our best along the way. Through our experiences there are many oportunities to learn… Trust your heart/”GUT”, continue to do your best & Please Share Your Personal Ministry!

“Every man, woman and child has a ministry”.

Thank you for yours!

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