Thank you God, Fall Forward

Hello Folks, I just finished watching a YouTube video called: “STICK WITH GOD | Denzel Washington Inspirational & Motivational Speech”. This video has several pearls of wisdom, good and helpful points (at least for me). I’ve shared it below. Enjoy 🙂

The YouTube video above was inspirational to me. Glad I found it. Thank you Denzel Washington for your speaches in the video above and thank you to the ABOVE INSPIRATION YouTube Channel for sharing it. Folks, I hope that you enjoyed the video too.

Folks, I have heartfelt and personal reasons for this May I Help Ministries website. And over time we will get to know each other better. Simply put: I desire to love God with my everything and love you my neighbour. Likely, you may have similar feelings and wishes.

Some goals with my life and with May I Help Ministries is to serve God, to build up Community and to serve our world: Together! Note: I haven’t got it all together or figured every detail out… What I can say is: “if nothing happens, nothing happens”.

I believe that “Every man, woman and child has a ministry”. True we may come from different places, have different stories, experiences and insights. In the end… each of us is a part of this world: part of Creation. We are a part of a Global Community.

Our Communities, and our world need healing. Do you feel that way too?

We will do so much good as we come together, as we focus on reconciliation, healing, friendship and love. Note: You may choose to serve through other means and thats cool!

I want to help (do you?). This site is part of my personal ministry. I’m a dreamer who desires action for the good.

Thank you for reading this post and for your interest in participating.

If you would kindly share your Ministry, your thoughts/ideas, prayers and examples of how each of us can come together for good… please share.

My expectation is that we will ALL be kind and inclusive: Together. NOTE: WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Lets come together.

Would you like to help? What is your Ministry?

Please like and share this post & Please share your comments too!

Thank you!

2 Comments on “Thank you God, Fall Forward

  1. YES! We are all in this together…….the LORD has brought together the Body of Christ for much of what you said here. Let us never forget the Great Commission: To love the LORD with all our heart, soul and mind, and to love our neighbor as our self. May GOD bless what you are doing!

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