I Heard Something, I Felt It.

It is now tomorrow… (Today).

Yesterday, thanks to a 200LB Sparrow 😉 I came across a song by an Artist going by the name: “Marz”. The first song that I heard really spoke to me. In It, I Heard Something, I Felt It! I’ll share it here. It’s called: “Jesus, Savior of All” by Marz.

Initially, I shared the YouTube video above on my personal Facebook Wall. Now I’m sharing the video here. Disclaimer, I don’t know much about Marz. However, I liked the song “Jesus, Savior of All” by Marz as it really spoke to me. Hopefully it will speak favourably to you too. Note: I’m not yet familiar with much of his work.

I’ve now heard/viewed Marz’ Testemony on YouTube. I will share it below:

Now, I guess it is possible that not all visitors to this site may appreciate this post (and/or the YouTube videos above). Just know that http://www.mayihelpministries.me wishes you well…

One take away that I got from the YouTube video: “Jesus, Savior of All” is that it seemed positive, hopeful and inclusive (to me). Thanks Marz!

Lets pray for ALL CREATION. And among many things: Let us pray for Harmony, Healing and Reconciliation for EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. God loves everybody!


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