A Gift of Personal Reflection

Recently during conversation, I learned of a term: “Social Justice Fighter”. Wow, what a serious and powerful identity/term. Furthermore, as a term, the concept of “social apathy” has also been now introduced into my reality.

Without “empathy” we are at serious risk of being “apathetic”. Apathy serves little good for others. I’d also imagine that apathy is not personally rewarding either. The result is one of a dis-connect, a distance and isolation from the collective spirit of community.

As living beings, humans are an organism. Community is a integral part of our organisms healthy functioning and an opportunity for creative growth/survival.

True, being a spectator may seem to be the comfortable and safe stance to take for oneself. At times it may seem to protect us from undesirable consequences.

I’d say, it is important to practice empathy and do our best to love our neighbour and our planet as ourselves. Not just think, but act.

Sure, sometimes we may be mistaken in our understanding of what to act on (and how to act). We may even lack some wisdom. In all likelihood, we are bound (at times) to let others and ourselves down. However, usually, it comes down to “intent”. While it is important to “trust our Gut”, we also must try and have some faith that “common good” will win out.

Common good is a team sport. We are a collective community. Each of us must play a role. We are not to be mere spectators. We are to be supporters: Supporters of each other. Ultimately, each of us is on the same team. Enemies and opponents are illusions. Growth and survival is our end goal. How we reach the goal is through faithful participation.

We may ask… what are the rules? I’d venture to say that you instinctively know the answer to that question. I’m here for you. We are ALL here for you. “Trust your Gut”. I will repeat: we MUST do our personal best to love our neighbours and our earth as ourselves.

Ultimately we are one. What we do to another, we do to ourselves. Once we individually and collectively realize that we are not just spectators, but players on ONE team, that we are not opposing each other… then we will not just imagine a better world, that world will actually be. In fact that world is “HERE”. What time is it? Same as always… it is “NOW”. Let us wake up and live the dream! Here and now.

True, we all have made mistakes. I know, I sure have. When we fall or fail, we must get up, brush ourselves off, make necessary amends (when at all possible) and try, try again. Life is a sport. Let’s play it right!

Perfection in our “Life Craft” is the goal of many a person. I almost stated a “skilled person” or “skilled craftsman/crafts-person”. But, the bottom line is: while we are beautiful and creative creatures, we are in a constant state of “becoming”. Life is our trade. We are builders. Our body is a temple. Each of us a mirror. I see you!

Today, I’m doing my best to love each of you as my brother and as my sister. Join me in this. I’ll continue to be here for you. I ask that you please excuse me as/when I stumble. I’m going to continue to get up and do my best to actually “see you” as my brother, as my sister and work to treat you with right intent. Please note: My hope and intention is to actively excuse you too as you learn your craft. We are in this together.

I am a little embarrassed to admit, initially, when I heard the term “Social Justice Fighter”, I thought of it as a kind of fanaticism fought by individuals lacking lived experience and wisdom. Now, as I write this, I too may equally be as naive as those whom I quickly first judged without knowing their individual hearts, spirits and minds.

You see, I too am fully human (a work in progress). I too judge people. I too need to perfect my individual craft. You see, deep within my be-ing… I too hurt. I hurt for humanity and life on this planet. At times, I can be callous. And, I hate to admit: I’ve even had “exit plans”. However, my writing and breathing is an expression of hope. Actually, faith. I pray my life may be (as a friend and mentor once said) “part of the cure”. Yes, I desire to be part of the cure. True, (you see) like many of us, I too am broken, damaged, judgmental and somewhat naive. Like you, I am many things.

In my heart, I want to love you. So, I will continue reflecting, practicing love and making love a reality. As I see you and I in each other… our healing that we need will NOW be built and we can find warmth, kindness and shelter together: HERE.

Another dear friend spoke of something, that I believe we could agree is: “A Gift of Personal Reflection”: Judging and not forgiving leads to personal judgement and non-forgiveness. It’s futile. It leads us each into a trap. You see, if I cannot accept you… If, I judge you… how can I accept myself and my life. We are mirrors… How can I/we find true freedom. By judging, I put myself in a personal prison. It would be difficult to find true happiness, peace and contentment. Have I/we walked a mile in their shoes, a mile in yours? No, I have not!

Folks, we have things in common. We all bleed red. We are all born. We will all transition and our life’s energy will one day transform into its next use. As living beings, members of one community… we are ALL worthy of love and compassion. We are resilient. Each of us is a builder of our global community. Let us come together and unite. I pray that we can each agree on this intent.

Dear Reader, thank you for the gift of your life in our shared world. Again, lets have a good time building and growing together. Amen.



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