Our Purpose is lived: One day at a time.

Good day Everyone,

Like many of us… I too have my struggles. Lately, (for a while now) I’ve not felt well enough to write and/or post new content here on May I Help Ministries.

Thank you for your patience and for “hanging in there”. I will NOW try and put together a few words, sentences of brief explanation and then some words of hope and/or inspiration.

Inside my being, I have felt very sad, troubled. I’m hurt over personal life experiences and for All Life. However, I must add that I live with gratitude too.

Depression and life challenges are not easy for the person living with them (as well as for those who care for the individual).

Life can be difficult. Life is difficult. If anyone says it’s easy… well, I don’t believe them. This is not to say that Life is not beautiful. Because, in so many ways, Life is beautiful. At least that’s an important focus to meditate on.

It’s important to remember: Our attitude is a very valuable possession. Realistically, at times we seem to control our attitude and at other times it seems to control us. Life, huh! It is difficult when one feels down and close to hopeless (to just snap out of it!). The dark and horrible thoughts that accompany depression: just suck!

NOW: A long time dream and vision I’ve had for my life is: to add value to our world through a life of service etc. However, as a good friend and mentor recently shared with me: “in order to be of service to ‘Others, One must be of service to self”. My friend said something like that… but in his own words…

Those previous words of wisdom combined with words of a “self-help teacher”: Q: “what is the similarity between fear and faith? A: they are both imaginary..” This did speak to me… briefly giving me an idea… As its all in my head… then just maybe I could just flick a switch in my mind and it will all be better! I mentally tried this idea… Sadly it didn’t work for me. Not yet anyway! This doesn’t mean: give up… Today, I’m not ready for that.

It is true that “We do need to be of service to ourselves”. Additionally, I recommend to live and practice your personal faith. As that too is very important (at least for me). It is also important to count our blessings. I for one am blessed to live in Canada. I have an amazing wife, family and friends. There are indeed so many blessings and privileges.

Sometimes, it is difficult to maintain the will to continue on. But… there are some additional things that have helped me.


The following is a personal religious experience. Note: your own experiences and beliefs are valuable. Anyway: Many years ago, I prayed to God… As I had come to a place where I deeply wanted peace of mind and to live in harmony with His purpose. I prayed that He (God) would give me a sign, something to “work with”. In my hands I had hold a copy of the Holy Bible.

As I prayed… (the following is rather dramatic) I fell to my knees… It felt as if there was an earthquake under me. I envisioned a Great Light. The Light then cut down the pages like a torn sheet… I had my fingers (of each hand) on a page of the Bible. My fingers had divided/split the pages. I opened the Bible there, looked and read… (one day I may share more on this… it’s really for me).

As crazy as it may be: that particular Biblical Chapter that had been revealed to me changed my life: Forever. This Chapter and other Holy Verses continue to give me pupose and indeed some strength during difficulties. Now, I realize that others may not understand… but thats ok! This was not their experience… it is mine.

Individually we have our own experiences and messages. They are ours! Each of us lives with our own purpose(s). We each have our reasons to continue to get up and to live our lives.

May I Help Ministries is a huge part of my purpose. I deeply care about this vision/mission. I still desire to live a well lived life and one of service. I pray for experiences of lasting inner and outer peace. I care about you as a person and our world as a whole.

Fullfilling our purpose(s) naturally takes time, effort and work etc.

May I ask: Why do you continue to get up?… What gives your life meaning and purpose? What are some experiences have helped you? Please consider sharing… (Contact Us)

Our Purpose is lived: One day at a time. Continue to live yours!

“Every man, woman and child has a ministry”. Please share yours!

May God bless you and yours. Amen.

Thank you!


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