Ministry (the New World)

Ministry (the New World)


For the last week or more I have been pondering as to what to share next. In my heart I have felt many feelings that I’ve been processing. I will try and share some of these feelings (& thoughts) here NOW.

For those who really know me, really know me: for example, my beautiful wife… know that I have a genuine desire to co-create a more loving and successful world. A place of healing, with right-intent.

My heart feels immense emotions for humanity, for life, for God. To me humanity, life and God are in need of a true healing. I live with a broken heart for our world. I deeply pray for our healing.

People have told me that: Aaron, you can’t change the world or that: Aaron, you can only change little things.

To be clear: I don’t want to limit myself to small things. I know that I do not have unlimited power… However, I hope to have enough faith and energy to enable me to build others up, that we at May I Help Ministries will build you up, that we will build each other up and co-create a more healthy, loving world. That together, all of us: we will heal.

Like you, I am just a man (a human being). Often I think and feel that I am more, much more. Realistically though, I am limited in power and strength. Even though, I’d like to be a super-power,  to be great and to be amazing. That’s the human condition (me, me, me).

I don’t want to be a megalomaniac as its not the most endearing trait to have. And, Who really wants to be a be an undesirable person. It would be foolish and difficult to build friends and form healthy relationships etc.

When I focus on my God and His teachings, I would like to be good, to be loved and to be successful in His eyes. NOW, I pray that the remainder of my life will be well lived and on-purpose. That I will be successful. Not just materially successful. But successfully in Gods eyes. That my life would be one of service.

For many years, I have desired to serve God and His people, all people. I have also been reluctant to share some of my faith and ideas of purpose with others. In some ways, I have been “stuck”.

I feel that religion is like a fire. It can warm a house, cook a meal and burn the house down. It can be misused to take advantage of vulnerable people. It can be a tool. It can be a weapon. I do not wish to use my faith irresponsibly. This has been a stumbling block for me. These feelings have prevented me from taking larger, longer more purposeful steps.

For many years, I have desired to have and practice the greatest gift possible. This gift is the gift of love. I deeply wish to master this gift. As a human being, living in this present system of things… this wish seems almost impossible. But, it is my dream. It helps me to be me. I want to be a good man (as impossible as it may seem).

As you get to know me… know this: I am far from perfect, I stumble daily as a human being. For example: sometimes I have a temper and things I say can be hurtful. Oh, to be human. We are all human. We all stumble.

If we are to improve our world and return to a more desirable state of be-ing… it is so important to meditate and pray for each of us to individually and collectively live with right-intent. To pray for All people and not for ourselves only. Many of us have been told: we must try and practice forgiveness. Let us try.

For most of my life, I have felt as if we are living in an “end times” reality. I still feel this today. However, this is where you and I come in. We can be that rain drop that converts into a beautiful waterfall. We can be the change in which we wish to see in the world. We can build our neighbour up. We can create a “new world” in which we can thrive. We can make a good life for all life. We can heal our world.

If we have a failing attitude… we shouldn’t be surprised with failure.

If we believe that we can change more than small things… That we can have an impact on several things on many levels. That if we practice loving our neighbour as ourselves and loving the very Source of All Life with our everything: we will actually co-create this new world, this new system of things.

Now, I am aware that this may seem too impossible, too grandiose. But truly, it is not impossible. You can, we can change the world. Yes, you and I. Believe it.

Everybody, needs a reason to get up in the morning, a reason to live and to continue living. If we do not have sufficient reasons to continue… we will not. The time may be late… but its not over. Let, me tell you something: Nature and Life is “resilient” (look that word up). You are resilient! Please never forget that! Your life has meaning, you have purpose. Thank Goodness.

What time is it? Well it is NOW. Capital NOW, it always has been. You are here for a reason. You continue to get up for a reason. You matter! You are valuable! We all are.

Please continue to read our posts, share and bookmark this website.

At May I Help Ministries, we believe that: “Every man, woman and child has a ministry”. Please share the love of your heart, with others, with God, with yourself and with us.

We’d like to hear from you.

May “the Source” bless you and your personal ministry, daily. Amen.


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