Quest Food Exchange: Redistributing Quality Surplus Food to Reduce Hunger with Dignity

The following information is a result of a Citizen networking with May I Help Ministries. Our Helping Citizen shared Quest Food Exchange’s web address. This was very helpful for us (so you or someone through you may now too may possibly benifit). If you (yes you) have any helpful resources to share: Please share them with us. Note: suggestions/brainstorming and general networking is greatly appreciated. Please use: May I Help Ministries CONTACT US Feature: Contact: May I Help Ministries.


The following is a sample of Quest Food Exchange’s Website (as viewed on November 4th 2017). Enjoy! WEB-LINK HERE: QUEST FOOD EXCHANGE (Home Page).

Quest Food Exchange is a not-for-profit organization that provides dignified access to a variety of affordable and healthy foods to individuals facing food security challenges in British Columbia.  Our primary objectives are to reduce hunger with dignity, build community and foster sustainability. Not open to the general public, Quest Food Exchange works in collaboration with food suppliers who donate their surplus food, and community resource  partners who refer their clients. Our environmentally conscious food redistribution program includes delivery trucks,  distribution centres, and not-for-profit grocery markets to ensure the quality surplus food we recover is reallocated efficiently to those who need it. Clients are empowered to choose what suits their needs in our friendly, safe and welcoming grocery market environment.

Are you a person or charitable organization in the Lower Mainland looking for access to affordable food? Quest Food Exchange currently partners community resource partners to ensure that individuals and families can have a dignified shopping experience full of healthy and affordable choices in their quest for a nutritious meal.

Quest Food Exchange’s program focuses on the redistribution of quality surplus food, primarily through our Not-For-Profit Grocery Market model. Our program has been created to ensure that people living on low income have access to affordable, healthy food.

Quest Food Exchange’s program focuses on the redistribution of quality surplus food to those facing food security challenges. We partner with local community resource partners  to help their clients access healthy, affordable food in a dignified manner, and a safe & welcoming environment. Our program focuses on transitioning individuals from dependence to self-sufficiency.

Locations – Quest Food Exchange: Locations Link: Click Here.


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