DTES Kitchen Tables Project: Potluck Café Society: Helpful Food/Resources Vancouver, B.C.


Below is some information/resources that May I Help Ministries has come across.

Just a little bit about the DTES Kitchen Tables Project in a nutshell:

The overarching goal of the DTES Kitchen Tables Project, a program of Potluck Café Society, is to improve the health of DTES residents by increasing the availability, accessibility and quality of food in the neighbourhood, while being served with dignity. The Project takes a collaborative, multi-stakeholder systems approach with the Right to Food philosophy at its core. More information about the work that they do can be found at: www.dteskitchentables.org

Hungry? – Attached: 1 PDF (updated October of 2017):

  1. DTES KT Food Map that we received in the winter of 2016. The DTES Food Map lists all the publicly accessible free and low cost meals in the DTES. Please find attached, an updated version. Feel free to forward to those who may be interested. Please click the following link: DTES KT Food Map _June 2017   Note: *If you have access to double-sided printing, to print in booklet format:
    1. Go to the File menu
    2. Go to Print…
    3. At Page Scaling, choose “Booklet Printing” in the dropdown box

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