Hello every-One, May I Help.

Hello Friends, May I Help Ministries is here to help. We’d like to help make positive differences in the lives of people and community by helping all of us to connect with each other, by blogging, networking and by sharing information. If you have any ideas and/or useful resources to share that we could use: please consider collaborating (sharing) with us. Possibly May I Help Ministries could contribute in making a positive difference for a project or a cause that is important to you… Thank-you. ~May I Help

Quest Food Exchange: Redistributing Quality Surplus Food to Reduce Hunger with Dignity

The following information is a result of a Citizen networking with May I Help Ministries. Our Helping Citizen shared Quest Food Exchange’s web address. This was very helpful for us (so you or someone through you may now too may possibly benifit). If you (yes you) have any helpful resources to share: Please share them with us. Note: suggestions/brainstorming and general networking is greatly appreciated. Please use: May I Help Ministries CONTACT US Feature: Contact: May I Help Ministries. Ok… The following is a sample of Quest Food Exchange’s Website (as viewed on November 4th 2017). Enjoy! WEB-LINK HERE: QUEST FOOD EXCHANGE (Home…

DTES Kitchen Tables Project: Potluck Café Society: Helpful Food/Resources Vancouver, B.C.

Greetings, Below is some information/resources that May I Help Ministries has come across. Just a little bit about the DTES Kitchen Tables Project in a nutshell: The overarching goal of the DTES Kitchen Tables Project, a program of Potluck Café Society, is to improve the health of DTES residents by increasing the availability, accessibility and quality of food in the neighbourhood, while being served with dignity. The Project takes a collaborative, multi-stakeholder systems approach with the Right to Food philosophy at its core. More information about the work that they do can be found at: www.dteskitchentables.org Hungry? – Attached: 1 PDF (updated October of 2017): DTES…

Low and no-cost food in Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Here is some information about low or no-cost food in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Click this link: http://vancouver.ca/files/cov/low-cost-food.pdf Hopefully this may help. Please let me know if you are aware of and would like to share other helpful resources (both near and far). Thank-you.

Network – MAY I HELP Ministries.

Greetings, Our vision is to be of service to others. Indeed it is very satisfying to help. One step in achieving this vision of ours is to learn about what is important to you and what others are doing to help. Any form of help and ideas is greatly appreciated. For example: Websites, PDF’s etc… Please Contact Us and SHARE your ideas that you may be aware of that could be of help. Note: Please try to include full contact information for these very valuable resources.                              …

Vancouver B.C. ~ Resources in the Downtown Eastside

Below is some information about some resources in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Click this link: resources-in-downtown-eastside Note: This information (link) may not be completely up to up to date. Hopefully this may help. Please let me know if you are aware of and would like to share other helpful resources (both near and far). Thank-you.

Victoria Maxwell, Crazy For Life Co. (Bio and Professional Resume).

Victoria Maxwell (BFA/BPP*), self-proclaimed Bi-Polar Princess, is one of North America’s top speakers on the experience of mental illness, recovery return to work and dismantling stigma. She lives with bipolar disorder, anxiety and psychosis, and has been presenting her workshops and award winning one-person shows across Canada and the States for more than ten years. She’s also a blogger for Psychology Today. For information about her shows and workshops or to purchase DVDs of her plays, please visit: www.victoriamaxwell.com. To read her blog visit: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/crazy-life   (*Bachelor of Fine Arts / Bi-Polar Princess)